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Due to a change in the way that the BMAA and LAA account to the CAA for the processing of NPPL applications there will be a change to the way that fees are collected from 1 September 2013. The change will reduce the administration costs involved in the NPPL process and hopefully lead to a stabilisation of fees if not a reduction.

From the 1 September 2013 payment for NPPL Applications will be divided as follows:

For an initial NPPL Application with a single rating, £51 payment to CAA, £97 payment to the BMAA or LAA. Total cost £148.

For an additional rating to be added to an existing NPPL or UK PPL, £39 payment to CAA, £51 payment to BMAA or LAA. Total cost £90.

Both payments must be made at the time of the application.


JUNE 2012

ORS4 No.887 (which permits the use of a Medical Declaration with a non-NPPL pilot licence when flying SSEA, SLMG and/or Microlight aeroplanes) has now been re-issued as ORS4 No.912, valid until September 2013

MAY 2012

The Irish Aviation Authority has announced that visiting UK based NPPL holders with SSEA, SLMG or Microlight ratings can now operate in Ireland. There are a number of criteria which must apply, none of which are likely to be problematic to the typical NPPL holder and they can be found on page five of the Acceptance of Flight Crew Licences, available here.



NPPL SSEA Training from Unlicensed Aerodromes

Unlicensed aerodrome may be used for the purpose of SSEA training, provided that the organisation conducting such training has satisfied itself that the requirements of CAP 793: Safe Operating Practices at Unlicensed Aerodromes will be strictly observed.